Spontaneous pencil skirt

Hi there! Today, I’d like to share one of my latest projects that I’ve made using remaining curtain fabric which had been given to me. My original plan was to sew a circle skirt following this tutorial: http://www.brettbara.com/how-to/book-video-how-to-sew-a-one-hour-skirt/But for some reason, the skirt ended up being ‘slightly’ different! (did I mention that I am still a beginner?) To be honest, I actually quite like the result. Of course, it’s not perfect,  like the fact that I used an elastic for the waistband. It’s easy and convenient, but does it look great? One good thing about this project is that you can recycle some fabric and make a skirt out of it! Isn’t that super green? What do you think?



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