How I refashioned my Mac

Last week I was starting to put my spring/summer clothes back into my wardrobe when I discovered my old Mac in the middle of the pile of clothes. I must say that it didn’t appeal to me anymore and I thought it was a bit ‘passé’. I used to wear it in my young professional years in Paris (not that I am very old now 😉 ).


So, I decided to give it a funkier style and refashioned it. I had seen examples of a similar revamp on a blog  and in the fabulous Liberty book – which I can only recommend as it is full of beautiful creative projects with Liberty fabrics.


For this refashion, I needed self cover buttons, some small pieces of fabric (for the buttons) and a bigger piece for the belt (in my case, I needed a 65 inches long/ 4 inches wide piece).

And here is the result:



So, what do you think?


8 thoughts on “How I refashioned my Mac

  1. Lovely! Buttons and belt tie look fab. I wonder if the mac fabric would dye? I’d be tempted then to get a second hand mac myself and dye it red and do the buttons and belt in the same way you have! I do love a bright coat!

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